Baking With Bitters: Key Lime Pie + Citrus Bitters

Still missing that last little taste of summer? I’m not. I’m more than welcoming FALL and all of it’s GLORY!!!! The good thing about Key Lime Pie is, you get get limes all year long. And, Key Lime Pie is super easy to make. That’s why it’s one of my favorites. It’s a clean and refreshing bite that can take you back to the Florida Keys and gives a little relief from all of the heavy flavors of Fall.

We’re adding Hella Bitters Citrus to this pie because we’re just cool like that. The bitters add another dimension to the familiar pie; playing on the bright lime citrus and adding some spice undertones. Even though this pie is baked (briefly), the citrus bitters still come through. Let’s jump into the recipe, shall we?






A few extra dashes for good measure…

Citrus Bitters Key Lime Pie:

1 Can Sweetened Condensed Milk

3 Egg Yolks

2/3 Cup Fresh Lime Juice

3 Teaspoons Hella Bitters Citrus (A few extra dashes for good measure)

For the crust, we’re going with the standard recipe:

1 1/2 cups  finely ground graham cracker crumbs (from about 10 crackers)
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 pinches sea salt
7 tablespoons melted butter

Preheat your oven to 350°. In a food processor, large plastic bag or bowl, blend the graham crackers until you get smooth crumbs. Add melted butter and remaining ingredients until you get a sand like texture. Fill your pie dish with the graham cracker crust. Prepare filling by first whipping the egg yolks with the bitters for 2-3 minutes. Add the remaining ingredients and blend until smooth and pale in color. Only takes about 3 minutes. Add your filling to the pie crust and bake until set, about 10 minutes being sure not to brown. Let the pie cool completely and refrigerate. Top with whipped cream as you desire. Easy as pie!





You’ll want to go a little finer on the crust than I  🙂



One last slice of summer you can enjoy all winter long!


End Of Summer Post Labor Day Cocktails

Okay guys, I missed Labor Day. Who’s doing work over a holiday weekend? That would be me. But, I’m still seeing Labor Day sales commercials so I think I’m still in the clear. Plus, we’ve got a good solid week before it’s officially fall and there’s still some good fruit hanging out at the farmer’s market. So, what’s the best way to end summer? Tequila of course.


I scored some super juicy and sweet mangos from the farmer’s market. Making a cocktail with said mango was the natural progression. So we’re going totally tropical with this first cocktail to end summer with a BANG! There’s just a quick weekend infusion to get us started.




The pineapple infused Hornitos Plata tequila only takes up to two days. But, I leave the pineapples in the tequila until it’s gone. The flavor obviously increases over time. Fruit infused spirits also allow for more than 1 application. Pineapple margaritas you say? I’ll definitely have one!

For the cocktail, we’re using the mango in a purée. It’s super simple. Remove the skin from the mango, chop it up, put the chunks in a blender with a squeeze of agave (depending on the mango’s sweetness). Blend and you’re done. Add a splash of water if necessary.

Mango Cooler:

2oz. Pineapple Infused Hornitos Plata Tequila

2oz. Mango Purée

1oz. Lime Juice

3/4oz. Agave Syrup

6 Drops Bittermens Hellfire Bitters

*Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake until chilled and strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with pineapple spears and/or lime wheels.






Next we have Hornitos Black Barrel. The tequila for whiskey drinkers. It’s so versatile and a good bridge between summer and fall with all of it’s warm agave and spice notes.


2oz. Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila

1 1/2oz. Fresh Grapefruit Juice

1oz. Falernum

3/4oz. Lime Juice

5 Drops Bittermens Burlesque Bitters [Optional]

*Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake until chilled and strain into a fizz or rocks glass filled with cracked ice. Garnish with a grapefruit twist or lime wheel.




Cheers and enjoy Hornitos Tequila!


Use Bitters To Amp Up Your Late Spring [Non]Alcoholic Drinks

DSC_5706Bitters are a fun and easy ingredient to add to your non-alcoholic drinks. Especially in this heatwave we’re having. They bring a nice little bite to whatever you’re drinking. Try some in a homemade soda or with lemonade (like we’re doing here!) I don’t know where you are but, here in North Carolina, we’re scorching!! We’ve been hitting 99º every day!!! In the late Spring and Summer, there’s nothing better that sipping a tall glass of lemonade. As for now, I’ll be sipping my lemonade near a large window. It’s just a little too hot for my liking outside. However, don’t be afraid to break out that citrus juicer. Fresh lemonade is the way to go and, the combinations of flavors for lemonade are endless. Beet, mint, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, basil…I could go on. And, I will. We should probably start a whole mini series for lemonade this Summer. Our first installment is this Rosemary Lemonade with Hella Bitters Citrus Bitters. Rosemary and citrus compliment each other so well. It’s a no-brainer.


Fresh lemonade is pretty simple to make with just a few ingredients. Lemons, sugar, water and whatever fruit or herb (and in this case, Hella Bitters) you want to add. All you’ll need is a little manpower.


One bag of lemons should do you for one batch O’ lemonade.

Rosemary Lemonade:

1 1/2 Cup Fresh Lemon Juice

1 Cup Rosemary Syrup

4 Cups Water

Mix all ingredients together, bottle and allow some time for chilling.

*For rosemary syrup: add 2 Cups of water and 2 Cups of sugar to a saucepan with 4 or 5 sprigs of fresh rosemary. Bring to a boil then reduce the heat to simmer and dissolve sugar. Cook for about 5 minutes. Let the syrup cool, leaving the spring in the mix. This makes more than 1 Cup of syrup. You can adjust the sweetness of the lemonade to your taste and use the leftover syrup for gin cocktails in the future. I’m thinking rosemary gimlets with a few dashes of Hella Bitters Citrus Bitters.


For each tall glass of rosemary lemonade, add 2-3 dashes of Hella Bitters Citrus bitters, stir, throw a fresh sprig of rosemary in the mix and enjoy. Just try to find a nice piece of shade to relax under 😉  Cheers!