Welcome to FoodieTails! This blog is dedicated to Food and CockTAILS. At any given time, there will be more cocktails than food or food than cocktails. But, it’ll all be good! I must ask…is there anything new under the sun? I love the classic cocktails and of course trying new things. I like to consider myself to be a amateur home bar chef and cook. Will I be doing any “molecular mixology” at home? Probably not. It’s cool but kind of time consuming. Not to mention, I’m in North Carolina. It’s hard enough to find Bitters. However, I do love flavors and trying to come up with new and creative things. I think there’s a certain confidence in simplicity, especially when being bombarded with new products and techniques almost everyday!

So, I like to do things that everyone can do at home. Some things are easier than others but, I’ve found that when making things from scratch, the outcome and flavors are almost always better! It’s like…you can’t believe you made that!

Some recipes will be original, some cocktails will be riffs or just a classic. To quote Jim Meehan…”your creation will resemble Christopher Columbus ‘discovering’ America.” New creations are more often than not, rooted in something that already was. So, let’s have fun with flavors. Cheers!

What I LOVE: Food, CockTAILS, Rosemary, Tequila, Rum, My Home Bar, Fries, Pizza, Pizza, Pizza, Pizza, Chicken, Travel, Family, Berries, Homemade things, Food and much much more!

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