There’s More For Your Tonic Water Than Gin And Vodka.

White. Port. White Port & Tonic!! Fever Tree Tonic to be exact. It seemed like a revelation the first time I tried the two together. I’ve had “Tonics” many different ways. With herbs, Tequila, bitters, Gin and Vodka, of course. But, never the White Port & Tonic. It’s become a favorite of mine. It’s super easy and very tasty. And, with as few as two ingredients, it’s really important that you use the highest quality products. For the Tonic Water, that would be Fever Tree. Fever Tree has taken the cocktail mixer game by the horns. I enjoy a glass of Fever Tree Tonic Water on it’s own with a squeeze of lime. It’s so clean, aromatic, floral, citrusy, crisp and the Quinine is just bitter enough.

Fever Tree uses all natural products. Real ingredients including natural sugarcane and fruit sugars. The Quinine is sourced from the Cinchona Tree. A tree who’s bark yields in the purest form of Quinine. The proprietary “softness” of this Tonic comes from natural, low-mineral spring water. Bitter Orange is the last key ingredient to the Tonic Water. It balances all of the floral notes in the water.

Port is traditionally known as an after dinner drink. White Port however can be had as an aperitif. Adding tonic puts a whole new spin on things. I’m not going to dip into Sommelier territory here but, White Port is a blend of classic white port grape varieties that provide a dry and crisp finish. White port ferments longer than other styles before it is fortified. Fonesca Siroco is full of bold fruit flavors and has a great smoothness. This comes from it’s aging in small oak vats.


Fonseca Siroco has a light golden hue, full bodied fruit notes with a crisp and dry finish that pairs well with berries and citrus fruits in a tonic cocktail.



White Post & Tonic with Orange:

1 1/2oz. Fonseca Siroco White Port

Fever Tree Tonic Water

2-3 Orange Quarters

2 Dashes Orange Bitters (Optional)

*Start by cutting a fresh orange in half. Cut some wheels and cut the wheels into quarters. Muddle 2-3 Orange quarters in a rocks glass. Top with White Port, Fever Tree Tonic Water, ice and stir gently.

White Port & Tonic with Blueberry:

2oz. Fonseca Siroco White Port

Fever Tree Tonic Water

4-5 Blueberries

*Muddle Blueberries in s highball glass. Top with White Port and Fever Tree Tonic Water. Stir gently and garnish with blueberries.

Feel free to play around with herbs, other fruits, bitters and other Fever Tree tonic flavors!


Cheers to enjoying all of the White Port and Tonics!






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